Electrical Thermal Imaging That looks after your Property and Assets


Electrical Thermal Imaging

Bilton Energy local electrical contractors providing thermal imaging services 24 hours a day seven days a weeks ensures your company complies with the Australian industrial electrical safety standards.

Our team of local Sydney electrical thermal imaging contractors prevent electrical emergencies from happening through our electrical thermal imaging service. Electrical thermal imaging is a non-contact electrical inspection that provides accurate detection of an electrical problem.

Specifically, thermal imaging service provides:

  • Quick identification of potential problems through thorough electrical inspection to prevent its onset.
  • Efficient detection without isolating power sources or machinery
  • Instant and accurate measurement of temperature through building thermography
  • Cost savings as a result of thorough electrical inspection and preventative maintenance

Our Sydney local thermal imaging specialists can help establish safety in any workplace through electrical thermal imaging, electrical inspection, switchboard thermographic scanning, switchboard thermography, electrical heat test, and other electrical services.

Our Sydney local electricians from our company are qualified Level 1 & Level 2 Thermographers. We provide these thermal imaging services to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors, retail, education and health sectors for both maintenance works and new installations.

Bilton Energy strongly recommends that if you are considering thermal imaging services, please make sure the technician is qualified. Misinterpretation of scans can be detrimental to your business and/or family, friends and colleagues.